A delayed “hello!” to all of our family and friends waiting on this message.  Things have been incredible for us.  Though we left rather early, the rest of our travel down was uneventful (exactly what you’d want travel to be).  We were met outside the airport by our guide and translator and brought to the incredible complex for lunch and orientation.  After that, we made our way to our first orphanage, Positos de Jesus, a girl’s orphanage that houses around 30.  The connection we made with them was instant and we were able to encourage them with much needed fellowship, good conversations about God’s love for them with the help of translators, and a desire to serve them however we could.  I was blown away at how quickly we were knit to them.  We said tearful goodbyes, retreated to our bus, and went back to our complex for the evening.


Today, we began our day packing up food for a couple villages we’ll be able to feed this week.  We then went to a poor village to play with the kids, show them God’s love, and then share the Gospel with them.  God used our students loving those kids to really grab their attention as we told them of God’s great love for each of them and His desire to know them.  After lunch, we then took a long drive out to a village right by a sugarcane field.  This village is one that our translator feels a special burden for as the food is most desperately needed and as the village is entirely Haitian, a group the Dominicans look down on.  It was a smaller village than we expected and had fewer kids than normal, but our students adjusted wonderfully to the older age group by playing baseball, talking through translators, and having a glad demeanor just being there.  We were again able to preach the Gospel, but then distributed our food and had each student pray with the person they gave the groceries to.


As I write this now, the students are enjoying Score Night, a night where Score brings all the teams together to lead a devotion and encourage the missionaries as I sit here amazed at how selfless the students have been and how eager they are to serve.  The Lord is moving and we want to see it continue.  We know your prayers are a vital piece to that, so please keep praying.


I do not know when I’ll be able to send the next update as connecting to the internet is proving more difficult that I expected.  Please know that if you are not hearing anything, it’s because there is nothing pressing to hear.  If anything serious should occur, our field director has a phone we can use to contact home; we just can’t overwhelm him and have every student use it each night.  I can’t promise nightly updates, but I promise to get as close to that as I can.


For pictures of what we’re doing, check out our Facebook page here.