Hello again from just a few hours south by plane!  Day three of the trip was a bit of a Sabbath for us, but was in every way useful to the trip.

We began the day by attending the church where Pastor Jay teaches.  Though small and simple, it was amazing to see how the church was certainly filled with the love and joy of Christ.  Everyone who attended the service shook all of our hands and made a great effort to reach out to us however they could.  Pastor Jay is a very passionate preacher, and even though there was a language barrier, it was very clear that his greatest concern was for everyone there to know more of Jesus.

After that, we did not go to work anywhere.  Here in the Dominican, to work on Sunday for missions would leave a bad testimony in the communities we are serving.  To avoid that, we took the rest of the day to simply relax and see the area.  After the church, we went to the beach and hung out together before spending the rest of the night in the hotel.

Tomorrow, we will be going to the same village we were in for church to help them do some painting and fence installation.  This area is one with some real needs, so we are excited to help.  It is crazy thinking our trip is half over, but it is exciting to know most of our work is still ahead of us.

The team is happy, healthy, and in good spirits.  Everyone is looking forward to more time working.  Your prayers are certainly working.  We all look forward to seeing you all again.