When we first set out on this trip, our aim was to help Pastor Jay reach out to the community children who do not currently come to the churches.  That is exactly what we got to do today.

At 9am, we loaded into our bus and went out to a very poor sugarcane village.  One of the 6 churches planted by Jay was in this village, and we got to use today to put on a day of games and competitions.  About 60 kids came out from that village and the surrounding areas.  It was amazing to see a large groups of kids all come out to be apart of something a church was putting on.

Through the day, we played all sorts of different field games, ran races, and played baseball with them.  Roughly 30 percent of the kids there were not attendants of the churches, so it was good to know we were being used to reach new people.  Our hope is that God used our time playing with them to make them feel more comfortable with being around the church.  It’s exciting to think what God might do from there.

Tomorrow, we do our village feed and help out with a movie outreach to the community.  Pray the Lord blesses it mightily.

Our team remains in good health and many are saddened to realize that our trip ends very soon.  Even so, we are excited to see you all again and tell all the stories we’ve made.

God bless you all.