Bible reading is one of the most important habits Christians can develop. Through the Bible, God teaches His people about His own character, how they are to live, and gives wonderful examples of God’s faithfulness and power. One of our biggest hopes in our youth group is to pass along the ability to read the Bible. We know it’s hard, but that’s where Devos & Donuts can help!

We’ll be meeting up to have some donuts, talk about Scripture reading, and work through a few different Bible study methods (all coming from the book Learn To Study The Bible by Pastor Andy Deane) to help us grow in our reading ability.

Here’s what you’ll want to bring:

  1. A Bible (for reading)
  2. An Appetite (for eating)
  3. A Notebook (not for eating)
  4. Something to write with (also not for eating)

Click here to download a permission slip